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#Onthisday in 1958, Pan American World Airlines received the first of eight Boeing 707-120s. This Boeing 707-121, the "Clipper Maria", was the second 707 delivered to PanAm in December of 1958. The 707 was developed by Boeing as the result of an initial 1955 request from Pan American for a large jet-powered airliner. The jet’s greater speed and higher passenger capacity enabled the airlines to substantially reduce their seat-mile costs, and thus lower ticket prices opening up air travel to a large percentage of the public. As a result of its efficiency, the 707 proved to be the world’s first sustained and successful commercial jetliner. It revolutionized the airline industry by ushering in the jet age of commercial air travel. Have you ever flown on a Boeing 707? Image: Roll-out of Pan American World Airways’ first Boeing 707 Jet Clipper, 1958. Gift of William E. Talbott. 2012.151.153 This image was posted on August 15, 2017.

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Boeing (1916 to ..)
This company is from the United States
Pan American Airways. It is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .