Gate F88 Gate F88 is in Boarding Area F which is part of Terminal 3 / or see all the gates The record for this gate is superseded by F88 (2019-07-23 to 2019-10-16)

Exhibitions that have been shown in Boarding Area F

Installation view of "The Modern Consumer – 1950s Products and Styles"
Image by SFO Museum. It was taken on Dec 20, 2018.
Michael Light: Sidereal Rift
This photography exhibition was on display between November 2018 and February 2019 in the F-03 Gate 76 gallery, located in Terminal 3 (Boarding Area F)
Airplane Models from the Goosedale Collection, 1915-1950
This aviation exhibition is on display between 2017~ and open in the F-05 Terminal 3 Hub gallery, located in Terminal 3 (Boarding Area F)