Flights for KL8190 These are not all the flights that KL8190 has taken, just some of them that have flown in or out of SFO

KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495238295 (20191025-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495229849 (20191024-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495221861 (20191023-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495199437 (20191020-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495184897 (20191018-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495168383 (20191016-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495141643 (20191013-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495132577 (20191012-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495125331 (20191011-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495109883 (20191009-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495085639 (20191006-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495073039 (20191004-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495062497 (20191003-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1495055181 (20191002-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1494995343 (20190929-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477940267 (20190927-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477924797 (20190925-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477899167 (20190922-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477884489 (20190920-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477867929 (20190918-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477837471 (20190915-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477823497 (20190913-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477810551 (20190911-A-KLM-8190)
KL8190 (SLC-SFO) 1477783335 (20190908-A-KLM-8190)