Flights for AM3004 These are not all the flights that AM3004 has taken, just some of them that have flown in or out of SFO

AM3004 (ATL-SFO) 1393970305 (20190626-A-AMX-3004)
AM3004 (ATL-SFO) 1393958991 (20190625-A-AMX-3004)
AM3004 (SFO-ATL) 1377460637 (20190416-D-AMX-3004)
AM3004 (SFO-SLC) 1377451541 (20190415-D-AMX-3004)
This AeroMéxico flight between San Francisco International Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport, on April 15, 2019, was operated by Delta Air Lines flight DL2494 (SFO-SLC). It departed from gate C42. See all the flights for AM3004.
AM3004 (ATL-SFO) 1377407603 (2019-04-10-ATL-SFO-AM-3004)
AM3004 (ATL-SFO) 1377265317 (2019-03-26-ATL-SFO-AM-3004)
AM3004 (ATL-SFO) 1377211865 (2019-03-19-ATL-SFO-AM-3004)