Kids' Spot II: Exploratorium See all the exhibitions. This record supersedes Kids' Spot II: Exploratorium (2006~ to 2000~) and is also superseded by Kids' Spot II: Exploratorium (1988~ to 2000~)

This exhibition was on display between 2000~ and 1988~ in the F-04 Gate 87a gallery, located in North Terminal

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Creating a dance of rising & falling “butterflies,” Butterfly Wall by Charles Sowers is an interactive sculpture. #airportart #kidsspot This tweet was posted on January 28, 2017.

Interactive children's exploration area featuring weather elements from the Exploratorium of San Francisco (Turbulent Orb, Aeolian Landscape, Fluvial Storm), as well as a crawling apparatus, and the Plasma Wall, which shoots arcs of energized color activated by sound. The Kids' Spot was developed to allow children to explore weather concepts and "let off steam" prior to their flights.