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This photography exhibition was on display between March 2018 and June 2018 in the 3J Photographs gallery, located in Terminal 3

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The sport of skateboarding experienced a renaissance in California during the 1970s. Due to a drought, residential pools were drained, revealing concrete arenas that would influence skaters to pioneer pool and “vert” skating. #localsonly #hughholland This tweet was posted on June 05, 2018.
See "Locals Only" by #HughHolland on display, pre-security, on the departures level of Terminal 3. #skating #skateboarding #photography This tweet was posted on April 07, 2018.
#HughHolland was interested in capturing the atmosphere and idiosyncrasies of the early days of #skateboarding. Holland gave equal attention to the subtleties of the culture-the daily lives, fashion, and comradery of the #skaters. #photography #skating This tweet was posted on April 07, 2018.