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This nonaviation exhibition was on display between February 2018 and September 2018 in the D-12 Wall Case gallery, located in Terminal 2 (Boarding Area D)

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Maneki Neko at SFO, many pieces on loan from the Mingei International Museum.

The objects in this exhibition involve the following places

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This exhibition was made possible by a generous loan from @Mingei International Museum. "#ManekiNeko: Japanese #BeckoningCat" is on display post-security, in Terminal 2.

This unusual style of #beckoningcat comes from the Hanamaki kilns in northern Japan. Its head is slightly tilted and it grasps a ball in its right hand in a playful gesture. #BeckoningCats #caturday

Rather than represent what the merchant sold inside, shop signs such as this one display auspicious characters and symbols, such as beckoning cats, to lure customers. #beckoningcats #beckoningcat