Boarding Area G (2017~) Boarding Area G is part of International Terminal. / This record supersedes Boarding Area G (2014~ to 2017~)

Public art that has been on display in this boarding area

Everywhere, a Color painted wood, aluminum, acrylic
Baile! Copper and powder-coated steel
Blue Deer Oil and pigmented ink with gesso ground on wood panels
No Other Lands Their Glory Know pigmented inks and gold leaf on wood
Shining Paths: San Francisco’s Sister Cities 21 ECO Spot LED projectors, lamps and gobo light gels
Fly, Flight, Fugit Porcelain enamel on steel
Bird Technology Hand-painted ceramic tile
Welcome 22 cast glass panels
Sanctuary/Santuario Fresco mural and basswood bas-relief sculpture

The boarding area Boarding Area G (2017~) (1159157337) is available for download in the following formats: