Architecture at SFO Museum These are not all the architectures in the world, just the ones that involve SFO and SFO Museum.

There are many different kinds of architectural spaces at SFO ranging from the entire buildings all the way down to individual galleries. Each space might have multiple records representing their relationship to a particular "instance" of the SFO terminal complex in time. SFO in 1954 was different from SFO in 1972 and almost unrecognizable from SFO in 2020. We have tried to snapshot SFO and its relations at each of the major public-facing "phase shifts" where some aspect of a passenger's experience of the airport changed.


Individual structures on the SFO campus, like the Super Bay Hanger or the SFO terminal complex.


Individual terminals that are or have been part of the SFO terminal complex, like the old North Terminal or the new Harvey Milk Terminal 1.

Common Areas

Pre and post-security general-purpose common spaces in individual terminals, like the Terminal 2 Main Hall or the International Terminal Connector.

Boarding Areas

Post-security common spaces where passengers wait to board airplanes, like Boarding Area D in Terminal 2 or Boarding Area B in Harvey Milk Terminal 1.

Observation Decks

Observation decks and outdoor common spaces, both pre and post-security, where passengers can watch the planes landing at or taking off from SFO, like the Boarding Area G Observation Deck.


Gates are the post-security spaces where passengers board (or disembark from) individual airplanes.


Galleries are the spaces where SFO Museum displays its exhibitions. They are located throughout the terminal complex, in both pre-security common areas and post-security boarding areas, like the F-02 North Connector Gallery in Terminal 3 or the A-02 International South Cases Gallery in the International Terminal.