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This map does not depict exactly where United Airlines is from but rather its approximate location. Think of it as being more "around here" than say another place in the world.

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Founded #onthisday in 1926, United Airlines was formed by a merger of four companies. National Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, Boeing Air Transport, and Varney Air Lines were organized in 1931 under United Air Lines, Inc. #AvGeek #UnitedAirlines This tweet was posted on April 06, 2022.
Under senior designer Eva Rosencrans (1901–1994), the internationally known New York-based label Ben Reig took #United’s uniform in a new direction as the jet age progressed. #avgeek This tweet was posted on September 12, 2018.
Can you guess what this object is? #avgeek #united #themainline #trivia This tweet was posted on September 18, 2017.