Lufthansa (1926 to ..) See all the airlines that SFO Museum holds hands with. This airline is related to Lufthansa German Airlines (the company) .

This map does not depict exactly where Lufthansa is from but rather its approximate location. Think of it as being more "around here" than say another place in the world.

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This year marks the 60th year of #Lufthansa serving SFO. Lufthansa, the flag carrier of Germany, traces its history back to 1926. The airline’s first service to SFO departed from Frankfurt on May 13, 1960 and returned to Germany the next day. #avgeek #MuseumFromHome This tweet was posted on May 14, 2020.
Introduced in 1983, by #Lufthansa and #Swissair, the #Airbus A310 proved reliable in service while providing a comfortable and spacious cabin for passengers. It was operated by carriers worldwide in both passenger and freight configurations. #AviationEvolutions This tweet was posted on January 25, 2019.
DYK Lufthansa has been one of the longest continually serving international airlines at SFO? Lufthansa’s first flight to SFO departed from Frankfurt on May 13, 1960. This photo was taken the following day in front of SFO’s Central Terminal. Have you ever flown on #Lufthansa? This tweet was posted on May 14, 2019.